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Broken Treaty at Battle Mountain
A MacArthur Foundation Film Selection  
Narrated by Robert Redford
A Joel L. Freedman Film; 60 minutes: color

"Generates a narrative excitement that is not often found in non-fiction films ... it has much to say to anyone who is concerned with big against small, with preservation against 'progress'

and it says it well" -The New York Times


Called by the San Francisco Chronicle “A powerful  documentary which is creating history”, BROKEN TREATY is now a motion picture Classic—The Western Shoshone of Nevada fight to preserve 24,000 acres of their Treaty land, save their sacred trees and their traditional way of life.

List Price $149.00   SALE Price: all 3: $298.00


To Protect Mother Earth

Narrated by Robert Redford
A Joel L. Freedman Film; 60 minutes: color

“The powerful sequel to the acclaimed Broken Treaty at Battle Mountain –“A gripping contemporary story of the Western Shoshone people’s fight to save ancestral lands from illegal seizure and nuclear destruction.” National Congress of American Indians


Hard hitting and gripping-unforgettable imagery!- The Hollywood Reporter.

Inspiring! – The Los Angeles Times              

List Price: $149.00    Sale Price: All three: $298.00


Filmed at the Winter Olympics

Even If A Hundred Ogres...
Narrated by Joanne Woodward
A Film By Joel L. Freedman; 60 minutes: color

List Price: $149.00  Sale Price All Three: $298.00

"A stunning theatrical performance by the Saami People of the Arctic dramatizing one thousand years of Indigenous history, with fantastic music, unique chanting and weird and wonderful masks. Filmed at the Olympic Games at Lillehammer! " - The Westport News 


"This is an important video as it shows the history of Native People in an affirmative way, while being highly entertaining, powerful, and full of humor and insight. Highly recommended!" 
E-The Environmental Magazine - Doug Moss


The Most Powerful anti-drug film ever made!
A film by Joel L. Freedman & Phillip  F. Messina;
60 minutes, color



Used by Universities, Libraries, -Anti-Drug Programs, Law Enforcement, US Military & more.

He heart of the drug culture exposed with clarity and devastation. Rough, honest, yet sensitive. Should be seen by every young person and the world!
ABC Eyewitness News


A major tool in the war against opioids. Highly recommended. - Anri Kissilenko, MD, Silverhill Hospital, CT

List Price: $149.00   SALE PRICE: $125


A GI's Journey featuring Sam Brody
A film by Joel L. Freedman
78 minutes, color

"The film is a terific testament to Sam and to all our fighting men. Well done!"

– Bruce Joel Rubin - Academy Award "GHOST"


"An amazing story of courage, sacrifice and selfless service. Sam's sincere, personal narrative provides a genuine and vivid first-hand account of the experienes faced by our "Greatest Generation" of World War II

– Commissioner Sean M. Connolly, Dept. of Veterans Affairs


A riveting personal account of a GI’s death-defying experiences as an American Jew fighting against Nazi Germany." – The Stamford Advocate

List Price: $149.00   SALE PRICE: $125



As seen on CBS Nationwide,
A film by Joel L. Freedman

Colleges, Libraries, Museums, Music & Art Schools

26 minutes, color

An extraordinary portrait of jazz genius and artist Jeremy Steig. Mr. Steig was  a rarity --flute was his first and only instrument. An in the view of many critics and musicians, he was a master.  The film a “happening”, as Jeremy creates a first-time fusion between jazz and rock.”
- The New York Times.        

List Price: $149.00   SALE PRICE: $125