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Award-winning producer-director Joel L. Freedman together with The Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada

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Land of the Brave

A feature-length documentary motion picture in progress, showing the Western
Shoshone Indians of Nevada as they fight to protect their land and way of life


Joel L. Freedman and Joe Holley

Land of the Brave promotional video. © 2018. All rights reserved.

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"LAND OF THE BRAVE shows the on-going struggle of our people to protect our
land and our way of life today! It is very important for our survival
and that of many indigenous people worldwide."

–– Joe Holley, Chairman, Temoak Bands of Western Shoshone
Joel Freedman is a grand prophetic artist whose LAND OF THE BRAVE is a gem.
–– Dr. Cornel West, Harvard University, author, activist


LAND OF THE BRAVE-- The age-old struggle of big against small—of preservation against progress. ––The New York Times 


I have known very few people who have projects that could authentically be called a life’s work, but this film and the struggle it documents have been central to Joel’s life throughout the years I have known him. In many ways this cause and even this film have defined him. Together they celebrate the nobles of human endeavors, a passionate and selfless pursuit of justice that has long been denied. This film is worthy of completion and I hope all will see fit to make that happen.

–– Bruce Joel Rubin, ACADEMY AWARD --GHOST

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